Sadot Organics

For over twenty years Sadot Marketing of Organic and Natural Products is importing and marketing organic fruits and vegetables to the health-food stores, farms, organic food cooperatives and major supermarkets in Israel.   We base our work on four meticulous guidelines:

  • Preparation: Sadot, together with the farmers, plans the whole year production circle to insure constant supply of fresh organic fruits and vegetables everyday of the year to the retailers and consumers.
  • Quality: supply high quality products from the best organic farms in Israel and around the world.
  • Availability: Sadot operates top of the line distribution system of fresh organic products everyday to every store all over Israel.
  • Price: Sadot target is to supply farmers and end consumers organic produce at a fair price.

Sadot operates under the strictest organic standards of the Israel Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, as well as by Skal Israel Inspection & Certification and Agrior. Sadot is a member of IBOAA, Israel Bio-Organic Agriculture Association, which incorporates hundreds of active organic farmers. eng_c_03 eng_c_04